Thursday, March 31, 2011

GRC sucks!

Just came back from my wonderful holiday in Seoul. Anywhere out of Singapore is heaven to me.

When I surfed around the net after I came back I noticed lots of activities and comments against the PAP newbies.

This proved to me that there are no shortages of underlying hatres against the ruling party. I just can’t help to think what is the percentage of Singaporean that are really love with PAP, hardcore hate them, don’t like but afraid to vote against and finally those who simply bochap.

To be honest I think each politician should be represent himself/herself when he or she is standing for election. No cheapskate should piggy back on to some established politician in a GRC and get a free ride into the parliament where we have to pay them tax payer money.

In another word, GRC sucks!

Let say there are 6 persons in the GRC and you only like one or two. Note this goes both way with PAP and opposition. How are you going to vote? You may like person A and B in PAP team and person C and D in the opposition team.

For me I just won’t vote for someone who has not proven him or herself nor anyone I don’t like. Period!

Monday, March 14, 2011

I see a sign!

I watched George in the news yesterday and he said:

"Libya and the Middle East (unrest), Japan.....I think the world is entering a new phase and we have to be very alert and not take things for granted and not be too confident about our own abilities."

Somehow it fits nicely as a comment to PAP. Hmmm……

Friday, March 11, 2011

A Strong Reminder

A couple of day ago I received this 31 pages high quality super colorful brochure from my town council.

Basically it’s all self praising messages inside. A sort of report cards reminding people in the GRC what the incumbent had done for you over the last 5 years. Naming all the new Malls, parks upgrading, roads, etc etc and many more upcoming projects.

Inside there are many pictures featuring in lots of activities surrounded by lots of people and I swore I never seen so many happy faces in my life.

There are also many comments from the residents and needless to say they are all happy.

I wonder where they find these people when they wanted comments. Probably they are RC members or relative of RC members I guess.

Over the years I had several complaints regarding the cleanliness of my estates and to date the situation still has not improved. Also I have witness many close shaves involving cyclist on walkways with pedestrians. It is illegal but somehow I have never seen a law enforcer in my entire stay in Pasir Ris.

I can’t help to wonder how much money used to publish this propaganda brochure and they should use the money to hire more cleaners instead. I note they have about $116 million in their sinking fund base on their 09/10 annual reports. Gosh that’s lots of fat if you ask me.

So did they did a good job in the last 5 years? Everyone will have their own views and I don’t believe a last minute effort of an expensive colorful brochure will change a person mind.

I can sense a tingle of fear from the incumbent this time.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A proud nation.

Yesterday I happened to watch a little of the daily Parliament’s Highlights on TV and I can’t help to notice that several of key cabinets members are missing from the session.

This is not the first time I notice it and if my memory served me well I remember it states somewhere it is not compulsory for them to be in every parliament’s seating.

If this is so then there is something seriously wrong with the system.

Don’t forget each and everyone in the cabinets or Member of Parliaments are in there because the citizen of Singapore voted you in there (well most are voted in anyway) to represent them!

You are there to listen and talk on behalf for the people in your constituency. You are sitting in that seat because of the people so for God’s sake do what you are supposed to do or maybe you are too proud to listen to the people anymore.

This is what happened when people are too comfortable in a job for too long and let complacency set in. A high and mighty attitude just make me sick.

Monday, March 07, 2011

A fake fake world

I don’t know whether is me being sensitive or not but suddenly I notice a surge in air-time by our Ministers.

Hsien Loong was busy with some events on Saturday and Sunday and Teo Chee Hien was in some opening ceremony on Saturday.

Gosh I swore I never seen the Ministers or MPs work so hard in the pass 4 years. So its like you skived in your company for 11 months and suddenly power up in the month before your appraisal is due by going into overdrive and hopefully your boss will notice your “Hard work”.

In a way it is quire true as I attended a course which states people always remember the beginnings and the ends and nothing in-between.

Today I heard a type of laugh when the big boss tried to crake some joke. It is a kind of spontaneous laugh where everyone suddenly burst out when the boss hit the punch line and it died down quite fast as well.

Gosh this sound so fake and sickening and I remember hearing it around the Minister over the weekend.


Thursday, March 03, 2011

Mindef Reserve. Finally!

Attended my Mindef Reserve (MR) ceremony last Saturday, 26 Feb 2010 which spelled the end of my military life which begun on 24th June 1993.

So 14 years plus in the army exchange for a certificate, a photograph, a watch, a medal, a pin and one final meal in the canteen.

As I have blogged before, I am just glad to be out of the system.

Looking at Singapore nowadays, I don’t know whether it is worth protecting anymore. The influx of foreigners, elites and governments who has lost touch of the ground etc etc.

Look like the security of the nation now lies in the hand of another generation which have never done more the 20 push up in a row.

Good bye SAF.