Thursday, June 25, 2009

Paper Chaser

June 25, 2009

Changi has bagged 12

I THANK readers who wrote in response to the report, 'Down - Changi slips to third spot in global airport ranking survey' (June 11), about the results of the recent Skytrax survey.

We are encouraged by the letters of support and grateful for the ideas and suggestions to improve Changi Airport.

Their passionate response affirms our belief that Changi Airport holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many Singaporeans and airport users.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore shares the same desire to achieve the highest standards at Changi Airport. External awards and surveys are an important source of feedback on how well we are serving our customers.

Each year, we monitor our performance in a basket of more than 30 surveys and we aim to do well in each survey. Last year, we won a record 30 awards and accolades.

In the first six months of this year, we have won 12 out of 14 best airport awards.

This bears testimony to the hard work and tireless efforts of all airport staff and our airport partners - ground handlers, immigration, Customs, police, tenants, service providers and more.

Every award won is not taken for granted and any award lost is taken seriously. We scrutinise every available survey report to learn where we may have fallen short so as to serve our customers better.

For the Skytrax survey, we have developed an action plan to improve the cleanliness of toilets and are also working closely with security agencies to improve the experience of passengers during security processing.

While every award we win is an encouragement for airport staff that they have done well, winning awards is but one source of feedback we get from airport users that we are on the right track.

Ultimately, the final judge is the thousands of passengers we serve each day, and we, with all our partners at Changi Airport, aim to give each individual passenger a consistently user-friendly, enjoyable and hassle-free experience.

Foo Sek Min
Senior Director (Airport Management)
Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

A few day ago there was report that Singapore Changi has lost it top spot to Incheon and Hong Kong.

Today we see a CAAS Director responding and defending Changi so much as to mention Changi has won 12 our of the 14 possible awards. Note it is not enough for him just to say Changi won 12 but must highlight that Changi won 12 our of 14.

Geez… I know our education system produce paper chaser and this letter has proved our government agencies mentality are the same as well.

How significant are these award? Why in the first place there are bloody 14 awards? If it is really important, there should just be one award.

So CAAS are just like trophies collector. Just grab everything out there even if the award is given by Tan Chow Keng’s coffee shop.

Note Sek Min said “any award lost is taken seriously”, talk about kiasu.

To me you just have to do your best and if these reward come by it is a sign of your good work. But looking at Sek Min’s replies, it seem that winning rewards is the object of our dear CAAS. So can just care no shit about people like you and me giving feedback but they just suck up to those awards giving organization.

E.G Mr Award Giver A say that the Changi will score more point if they play Jazz music in the toilet. So to win this award, I bet CAAS will just play Jazz music.

Finally Sek Min said “every award we win is an encouragement for airport staff that they have done well”, I just cannot help to wonder what happened to those staff that caused Changi to loose that 2 out of 14 awards.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Strange people

June 8, 2009

Thank you SPCA, for the prompt action

I REFER to last Friday's report, 'Animal abuse cases at a high'.

As a lifelong dog owner, I know right from wrong.

However, it took me more than a year to muster the courage to call the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) about a neighbour who had kept a huge 30kg breed on a short leash on landed property, barking 24 hours a day.

SPCA's Mr Eric assured me of confidentiality and I noted that a check was made within the next two working days. The dog is now free, dignified and no longer barks non-stop.

Thank you SPCA, for the swift action.

Tan Ai Ling (Mdm)

I can never understand what Mdm Tan Ai Ling is trying to do here.

It is good that she reported an animal abuse case to SPCA and she praised SPCA’s Eric for his swift action and assurance of confidentiality but now she go and write to the FORUM???????

Now everyone know Madam Tan Ai Ling and also Eric from SPCA.

I don’t know what Tan Ai Ling is trying to prove here.