Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Ok got pressured to write more so have to satisfied my fans(Only Mr and Mrs Chan).

Let start with my nick, Javert.

If you have been following the musical scene you should know thats the name of the policeman in one of my all time favourite Les Miserables. I started going to musicals while I was in England. The record stands at 3 musical in 12 hours, at the end of the day it all get a little confusing. Managed to watch Les Mes 3 times, twice in London and once in Bradford. Kinda sad that the finally ended the show in London a couple of year ago. So folks, you got to watch in on DVD next time.

The musical is based on a novel by Victor Hugo and basically Javert had been hunting the Jean Val Jean(The Hero) 10years before killing himself when he cannot accept the fact the Jean saved his life (Crazy?) . Ok the book and musical is much more intereting then my summary.

Those of you who are interested here is a good link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Les_Miserable
I always enjoy being the bad guys since young. Superman is not my cup of tea, I prefer the darker superhero like Bat Man, Decepticon in Transformer etc etc. I guess the bad guys are more interesting. Ok to be fair Javert is not totally bad but guess he is just kinda stubborn.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Virgin Blog

Ok its 12.25pm on the 27th Days and 2nd Month of the the Lord's year 2006 AD that I am writing my virgin blog on my very own blog site wichi still look like crab. (Hey note the missing punctuation mark!)

Basically the real reason why I am blogging is I need a user ID to write some comment on my friend Mr Chan website as he just wrote some **** stuff about me there.